The United States went to Europe to deter “Russian aggression” ancient stormtroopers

US military failed to convince lawmakers to decide on writing off weapons attack aircraft A-10 “Thunderbolt” (Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II), and Technology have found a new use - deterrence “Russian aggression” in Central and Eastern Europe[/[t:tag slug=evropa]Europe, writes The Fiscal Times .
The publication notes that a US Air Force base Moody (Moody Air Force Base) in Europe will send 12 attack aircraft A-10 in the framework of the NATO operation Atlantic Resolve. 10 of these aircraft have already been sent to the US Air Force base in Arizona to Romania and the Czech Republic. Appointment of a new mission for the A-10 attack aircraft, also known as “warthogs”, says that the US Senate has not listened to the requests of the military to abandon the use of this model.

“US Air Force for many years tried to abandon the” warthogs “as unnecessary, because it would save nearly $ 4 billion. The Air Force believes that close air support of ground troops may be using other platforms - such as for example strategic bomber Rockwell B-1 Lancer, or fifth-generation fighter F-35 “, - writes The Fiscal Times.
However, on Capitol Hill did not listen to these appeals, the article says. Washington is confident that adequate replacement attack aircraft, passed through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet. In addition, in May, the House of Representatives approved the draft defense budget for 2016, which includes $ 683 million for the maintenance of “old” A-10 fleet. A little later, the US Senate refused his draft roadmap anticipated even less funding “warthogs” - $ 355 million - due to the fact that the project is not taken into account the cost ($ 240 million) for the gradual replacement of dilapidated and obsolete equipment.

15 August 2015

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