The son of US Vice President denied the account online for adultery, hacked

Scandals related burglary portal Ashley Madison, designed for singles adulterers seem just beginning. In the hands of unknown hackers got information about 37 million users of the resource and this information was found among the account, which can belong to the son of Vice President Joseph Biden. As reported by CNN, Hunter Biden has denied these reports.

Son of Vice President stressed: “I am sure that the account in question, not mine. It was clearly rigged by someone without my knowledge, and I myself learned about it only from the media.”

Account Hunter Biden was discovered among others, registered for Ashley Madison, named Robert Biden. It is worth noting that the full name of the son of Vice President - Robert Hunter Biden. However, the main suspicion related to the email address that is registered on the account.

It was registered in 2014. Sam Hunter Biden stressed that stopped using this email address, as suspected, that it may be stolen. Son of the policy stated that the purpose of this campaign - to blacken his reputation, although the specific interest in the people he did not name.

Note that US Vice President Joe Biden could join the fight for the presidency of the Democratic Party. During the meeting at the White House, last August 24, the current US president Barack Obama has “blessed” 72-year-old Biden, and made it clear that it is not against the possible nomination.

As for hacking the website Ashley Madison, that is, the assumption that because of this two people who may have been a customer portal, committed suicide. Law enforcement agencies in Canada think that such a step they could be solved, including due to the fact that hackers have released the personal data of the client resource.

August 19 it became known that the web published data from the website Ashley Madison, stolen by hackers in late July. Criminals stole customer data in July and threatened to publish them if the resource, positioning itself as a site for adultery, do not stop their work. Archive size of 9.7 GB contain user names and passwords, as well as the names and addresses of millions of users. In addition, in the published database contains payment history on the cards of clients since 2007.

US media reported that this portal are thousands of state workers. According to a source of The Washington Examiner, Online 44 people signed up, taking advantage of an electronic mailbox Patrons of the scandalous portal is 33 and State Department official who used the appropriate mail server. Among other agencies portal allocates 104 representatives of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, 88 of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 52 - the postal service of the country and 45 of the Ministry of National Security. Overall, the site registered more than 15 million users of computers belonging to the military and government agencies.

26 August 2015

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