Clinton called for an increase in the US minimum wage to $ 12 an hour

The presidential candidate of the United States Hillary Clinton urged to increase the minimum wage at the federal level to $ 12 per hour (as at November 3, it is about 770 rubles.) From the current $ 7,5 (≈480 rub.), Reports Reuters.

“I would like to raise the federal (level) of the minimum wage to $ 12 (per hour), and urge other communities to raise it higher,” - said the Democratic candidate at an event in Iowa.

In turn, Clinton’s rival Bernie Sanders proposed increase to $ 15 per hour.

It is noted that now many cities and regions of the United States and so are at a rate higher than the federal minimum.

Earlier, Hillary Clinton has offered to be a “one team” all politicians to solve the problems the United States.

4 November 2015

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