Russia initiates a meeting of the UN Security Council on the activities of Turkey in Syria and Iraq - sources

Paneer Russia on Tuesday to convene a closed session of the UN Security Council to discuss the question of Turkey’s actions in Syria and Iraq, the Associated Press news agency reported with reference to the diplomats in the Security Council.
According to the agency, the sources pointed out that “the Russian side has not yet disclosed the details of what is going to say.”
However, they believe that Russia will raise the issue of the Turkish Air Force shot down over the Syrian territory of the Russian Su-24 bombers.
The subject of discussion at a meeting may also be introduced by Ankara of its military contingent in Iraq. Putting troops in Baghdad, described as “a hostile act” and a violation of sovereignty.
On the eve of Iraq asked the Turkish government to withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory within 48 hours, otherwise he intends to seek the support of the UN Security Council.

8 December 2015

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