DWN: US would not send troops to Syria, but will make its allies

President Barack Obama believes too risky to send their troops to the conflict zone, but it is possible that for him this step will have to make allies, writes the German edition.

MOSCOW, December 15 - RIA Novosti. The success of the Russian operation in Syria haunt the United States who are trying to encourage its allies to the introduction of ground troops, but do refrain from decisive action, writes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.

In the south of the province of Aleppo, the Syrian army is steadily advancing. On Saturday it was released Mreykes Village, Abu Roveyl, Kreyhieh al-Seybieh and Dalameh. In the north of Aleppo it was captured by one of the main supply lines of militants of the terrorist group “Al-Nusra Dzhebhat.” Not long ago, during a meeting with UN envoy Syrian President Bashar Assad spoke about the efforts being made for the disarmament of all parties in Homs.

However, for the final discharge of the conflict held at the moment of action is not enough, says the author. The most effective, in his opinion, would be a ground operation. Meanwhile, Russia previously ruled out the participation of its ground forces in the Syrian conflict.

For his part, US President Barack Obama considers too risky to send their troops to the conflict zone, the newspaper writes. At the same time the neocons require American ground operations in Syria and believe that the conflict can be resolved by military means. In this situation, the Pentagon apparently decided to find a partner, referring primarily to Germany.

Last week, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter asked for the support of the Bundeswehr previously scheduled military involvement. Such requests received, and many other partners of the United States. Although German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on US demand restrained, it is possible that eventually it may yield to US pressure and agreed to go to Syria, the German military, the author concludes the article.

15 December 2015

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• Barack Obama's decision to place Special Forces in Syria did not support in the US Congress »»»
The decision by US President Barack Obama to send a small group of US military in Syria was seen critical by members of Congress from each party, says Defence News.
• Media learned about Washington's plans to deploy military forces in Syria »»»
The administration of US President Barack Obama is considering the establishment of no-fly zones and security zones in the border areas of Syria with the assistance of military forces.
• Russia is going to send attack helicopters to Syria »»»
U.S. Secretary of State declares that Russia is sending helicopter gunships to Syria.
• US does not want to create a no-fly zone because of the threat of confrontation with Russia (White House spokesman said that the attempt to establish a restricted area in the regions of Syria, where Russian planes fly, lead to conflict with Moscow) »»»
The threat of direct confrontation with Russia is one of the reasons why the US is not currently considering options for a no-fly zone in Syria.
• Obama has authorized the CIA to help the Syrian rebels »»»
U.S. President Barack Obama has authorized U.S. intelligence, particularly the Central Intelligence Agency, to support the Syrian rebels.

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