Obama has previously accused Russia of a possible breakdown of the truce in Syria

Barack Obama has made a new attack against Russia because of Syria. According to the US president, he is not sure that Moscow can trust, and the possible failure of the truce in Syria will be on the conscience of the Russian authorities.

Obama also told Americans about the fight with the group “Islamic state” (IG, banned in Russia) and made it clear that too early to relax.
Do not trust but verify
Asked at a press conference, can we trust Russia and its President Vladimir Putin in the Syrian settlement, Obama replied in the negative.

“I’m not sure that we can trust Russia and Vladimir Putin, so we need to try, if we can achieve this cessation of hostilities, which will include the cessation of aerial bombing, the death of civilians and destruction that causes mode (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad” - Obama said at the Pentagon after a meeting of the National Security Council. According to the American leader, an alternative to a cease-fire - a permanent civil war.

“We say clearly that Russia has demonstrated the will to support murderous regime and the particular person, Assad, who destroyed their country, just to stay in power,” - said Obama.

“The United States is still willing to work with Russia to reduce violence and strengthen our forces against the IG and” Al Qaeda “in Syria. But while Russia has failed to take the necessary steps. Given the deteriorating situation, Russia should show that it is serious about meet these objectives (resolution of the conflict), “- the president added.
According to him, a truce in Syria hardly preserved, especially in the Aleppo area.

“Violations of the cessation of hostilities has increased to such an extent that it barely holds, especially in the northwestern part of the country. So it is necessary to test whether we can achieve anything that you can keep it. If not, Russia will clearly show that . is an irresponsible person in the international arena, which supports the killer regime, Russia will have to answer for it in the international arena “- Obama concluded.

The ceasefire in Syria came into force on 27 February. The truce does not cover banned in Russia and several other countries in the organization “Islamic State”, “Dzhebhat en-Nusra” (change of name to “Dzhebhat Fatah al-Sham”) and other parties recognized by the UN Security Council terrorism.
IG changes tactics
According to the American President, IG because of military defeats begins to change tactics - trying to spend more terrorist attacks abroad and looking for footholds outside Syria and Iraq.

“IG lose territory, but retains the possibility to manage and inspire attacks … IG decline in Syria and Iraq, it seems, causes them to move on to the tactics which we have not seen before, focusing more on large terrorist attacks, including in the US” - Obama said, promising “aggressive actions against the IG on all fronts.”

At the same time he called the “real” threat of terrorist attacks committed by single artists or small cells of terrorists.

“It is clear that terrorist networks will be able to sustain itself even after the IG will defeat in Mosul and Rakka (key bastions groups in Syria and Iraq, respectively),” - said Obama.

According to him, the United States needs to improve intelligence methods to combat terrorists.

“Ultimately, we and these networks vykorchuem” - the US president said.

He also said the United States will continue to destroy the senior leaders and commanders of the IG. Among the leaders of the militants killed, Obama emphasized several names, including “War Minister” Abu Omar al-Shishani IG Tarhan (also known by the nickname Abu Umar al-Shishani), IG commander in Mosul Hatim al-Talib Hamdoon and Deputy Shishani Basim Muhammad al-Badzhari.
“I am pleased with the progress in Iraq and Syria. We are still far from being able to liberate Mosul and Raqqa, but we have shown that in a conventional IG war can be won with the partners on the ground, if they support the coalition forces … It is important not to panic and not succumb to fear, because the IG can not put a US defeat, “- Obama concluded.

The American leader also made it clear that the change of the Syrian division, “Al-Qaeda”, “Dzhebhat en-Nusra” name to “Dzhebhat Fatah al-Sham” will not affect the US position.

“We continue to intensify our efforts against” al-Qaeda “in Syria, where - as if she claim to be - you can not afford to maintain a safe haven to train the (militants) and to plan attacks against us,” - Obama said.

5 August 2016

Provoking Russia
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