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US approach to a currency crisis, and this is a question that begins with the word “when,” not “if.” Recent events in the US and abroad say that it will happen rather sooner than later. Today, America is not only important to make an accurate prediction, but also to prepare for future events mentally.
Federal news agency exclusively for our readers translated article Makian Freeman “currency crisis: how soon he will overtake the United States?”, Published in the resource Dissident Voice.

On the crisis, many have warned. For example, economists Ron Paul and Peter Schiff and other experts have been arguing about it in the alternative media. No one knows exactly when it will happen; there are more predictions that are not fulfilled than those who were successful. However, to make an accurate prediction on the specific date of when a currency crisis finally happens is not as important as the spiritual, moral and material to prepare for it.

The crisis did not collapse

When I use the term monetary crisis, to describe what comes, I do not mean economic collapse. Economic collapse occurred in 2008. Then the stock market crashed and burst housing bubble, but many ordinary Americans are not affected by this. If there is a currency crisis, it will affect everyone. Even people living outside the United States. But the most telling blow to get the people of the country, to keep more of their savings in dollars.

Under a currency crisis, I mean the destruction of the credibility of the US dollar to the extent that people no longer want to keep their savings in this currency, and do not want to use it to do business.

Drain the dollar, in order that would get rid of the debt.

Since the end of World War II, the United States thrived in part because of the influence of the US dollar as a world reserve currency, and partly because of the institution of petrodollars - a system in which the country must sell oil from the US currency. Both of these systems begin to break down. America has become the world’s largest creditor country in the world’s largest debtor country.

20 June 2015

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• Plague to World: United States - a "failed state" »»»
Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Minister of Finance.
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